A new smartphone application gives the Ford Fiesta ST 222 horsepower

A new smartphone application gives the Ford Fiesta ST 222 horsepower

March 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

“Charged” hatchback is still in demand among young people as a car for fun. Therefore, the tuners do not bypass it and offered a new package of improvements with the management settings through a smartphone.

Owners of the latest version of the Fiesta ST can now purchase a new power layout from the famous Ford Mountune tuning studio. The package of improvements called m225 increases the output power of the “charged” hatchback from 197 to 222 horsepower, as well as torque from 290 to 340 Nm. And this power develops from the previous 1.5-liter turbo engine.

Of course, the power was increased due to the volume of injected air in the cylinders and fuel consumption. But this made it possible to accelerate acceleration to 100 km/h by 0.5 seconds, which now amounts to a total of less than 6 seconds. But especially for “ecologists” and environmentalists, the company introduced a system that can be controlled from a smartphone.

 The set of improvements is also completed with a special Mountune SMARTflash control unit. In addition to electronics, it includes a special device for the OBDII connector, as well as an application for a smartphone, with which you can switch the mode of operation of the car from standard to sports.

And, despite a significant increase in torque, power and performance, Mountune argues that the upgrade does not “jeopardize” the safety or reliability of the Fiesta ST. The car has passed “comprehensive” testing to ensure reliability and safety.