A new record was set at the Skoda plant in Kvasiny

A new record was set at the Skoda plant in Kvasiny

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2018, the company for the first time broke the bar of 300 thousand cars produced for the year.

Three models are being produced at the Skoda Auto plant: Superb business sedan and Kodiaq and Karoq crossovers. Equipment at the enterprise is constantly being upgraded and is being prepared for the release of new cars. So, last year a scientific and practical center was opened, which was the impetus for the development and production of electric vehicles. The plant is one of the largest – at the moment it employs more than 9 thousand people.

One of the features of the plant is the flexibility and interchangeability of production lines. For example, the Skoda Kodiaq crossover can be assembled on the assembly line for the assembly of a Superb sedan.

 Such experience helps to adapt to changing market demand in a timely manner and at no extra cost. This year, the company will begin production of a hybrid version of the Skoda Superb. The plans of the plant in 2023 to begin assembling cars Volkswagen Passat.

 In the meantime, the Skoda Kamiq crossover was introduced before the public debut.