A new qualification format may be approved in April

A new qualification format may be approved in April

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, the idea of ​​changing the format of qualifications was discussed, and instead of the current three sessions, four sessions were held: two for 12 each and two for 10 minutes each. It is assumed that according to the results of the first three sessions, four riders will be eliminated. Then this proposal did not meet with the approval of the teams, and in Bahrain, he again criticized Nico Hulkenberg.

Niko Hulkenberg “I see no problems with this format of qualification, but I doubt the need to change something now. What do we get from this? I think racers on fast cars will still be able to win. They have an advantage in speed, which provides them with the necessary flexibility, it is easier for them to adapt to such changes in the rules than to slower rivals. I’m not sure that changing the qualification format will be a good solution. ”

However, according to the information of the site RaceFans, the FIA ​​can go on changing the format of qualification in 2020, and by April 30 there should be an electronic vote of the Formula 1 Commission.

If there is an additional session in the qualification, then most of all questions raise how teams will dispose of a limited number of sets of rubber. Faster teams can save a fresh set to participate in the final session, and the rest use all available tires to simply get to the final.

In Pirelli, they have repeatedly said about the readiness to supply rubber specifically for qualification, and for this they will have to bring additional 1,680 tires on the tracks per year, but much of them may not be in demand and will be recycled. To avoid this, the FIA ​​has already asked the team to simulate the qualification of the four sessions, to find out whether it is possible to use additional sets of rubber in any way.