A new GT concept cars was created

A new GT concept cars was created

August 11, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

This conceptual GT cars from the designer Arpad Takatsa, he created it as part of his thesis, and may be able to sell the project to some concern.

The main property upon which the designer to create a concept – aerodynamic. Literally every detail is so smooth, streamlined and verified that it seems as if the car does not amenable to such a barrier as air and can even fly. Alludes to the flight an aerodynamic wings on the sides of the machine, even though they carry the aerodynamic sense, but they can not help to fly.

It is interesting in this concept the darkened window, tone on tone to the car. Such window is used by many machine designers in their concepts, but real models with such windows does not exist yet.

Despite the fact that the concept of the designer showed extensive sports wheels, he also claims that the car is not so much sports as household, which, of course, can not be challenged before the implementation of the concept.

Unusually looks output of the engine cooling radiator, he allegedly smiles to oncoming. Judging by the size of it the cars will pass air through itself thereby reducing air resistance.

Overall, the car looks even more fantastic, he has every chance of being realized.

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