A new generation of Dodge Challenger will appear in 2023?

A new generation of Dodge Challenger will appear in 2023?

October 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

If previously it was reported that the new generation of the American sports coupe will be shown in 2021, now everything says that the presentation of the car should be expected only in 2023. The current generation of the Dodge Challenger has been on the market for 11 years.

A track-oriented version of the American coupe Dodge Challenger may become the new flagship performance for the current generation of the model – this performance model will be presented next year. The American automaker also plans to finally unveil the successor to the two-door muscle car. The next generation Challenger was originally supposed to be introduced in 2021, but it was recently announced that the car might not appear before 2022.

  Earlier this year, the American brand already published photos called “Challenger-2020” with a detailed description of a sports car, and later it was noticed that one of the pictures showed a rather interesting number – the mileage on the dashboard was 2023 miles. Is this a clear hint at the date of the presentation? Yes, of course, this may be a mere coincidence.

It is safe to assume that the iconic American next-generation Challenger coupe will retain its retro design – at least that’s what Mark Trostl, head of design at Dodge, Chrysler and the SRT brand, recently noted.

 Despite its fairly venerable age – the Challenger model appeared back in 1970, the sports coupe was the leader of its segment in the third quarter of this year, ahead of its direct competitors Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. The current generation of muscle car is already 11 years old, it is noteworthy that many of these cars have been updated several times, received an increase in power and more advanced technology, but despite this they have not become so popular.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the track version of the Dodge Challenger may appear next year. A few years are left before the release of the new generation Dodge Challenger. Nevertheless, the company will have to maintain interest in the model, and the release of the most powerful version, focused on the track, is a good solution. Future novelty may receive ACR index from Viper.