A motorist from Austria cannot get rid of a broken Tesla Model S

A motorist from Austria cannot get rid of a broken Tesla Model S

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Not a single company in the country undertakes to dispose of an electric car damaged in an accident. What is the reason?

The owner of the Tesla Model S from Austria last month crashed his electric car in a traffic accident, but still can not get rid of it. The man lost control and rammed a tree, after which the electric car was seriously deformed, and subsequently completely caught fire. After such an accident, the “green” car was not subject to repair and restoration. Such a verdict was distorted by the official dealer of the American brand. The skeleton of the once spectacular electric car still reminds the owner of this sad incident: the Austrian can not get rid of the broken Tesla.

 It turned out that in Austria no one knows how to properly dispose of electric cars and, accordingly, no company has a license for this.

 A car enthusiast cannot give up a car for scrap or just leave it at a nearby landfill – in the European Union such behavior is strictly prohibited. At the same time, no legal methods have yet been proposed for recycling machines with electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. It is impossible to send an electric car to Germany, as experts are categorically against because of a seriously damaged battery.

 Having learned about the problem that their client from Austria faced, Tesla sent two engineers there. They must find a safe way to remove the battery. However, to date they have not been able to solve this problem.