A more powerful Toyota Supra can use the engine of a “charged” BMW M3?

A more powerful Toyota Supra can use the engine of a “charged” BMW M3?

July 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW S58 engine can develop power up to 503 horsepower, and it seems that it still has a chance to appear under the hood of the Toyota Supra A90 sports coupe, which means more powerful versions of the car.

Earlier there were rumors about an even more powerful performance of the Toyota Supra sports coupe. In an interview with the Autocar, the president of the BMW M division Marcus Flush said that there is a possibility that the German automaker will allow Toyota to use its in-line six-cylinder turbocharged S58 engine, which is capable of developing power up to 503 horsepower.

In the interview, Mr. Flush didn’t think much about this possibility, saying that Toyota does not show any interest in using this engine. He added: “But I would never say never.”

The BMW S58 engine is available in two versions: the standard version with 473 hp. and more “hot” 503 hp, and it will power the next BMW M3. Either of these options will go a long way towards strengthening the Supra as a high performance sports car.

Flush also said that for BMW, the rule is not to offer its M-series engines to third parties, because these engines are the strengths of the Bavarian brand models. “I think that for many members of the company it will be a difficult decision,” – Flash added. As Autocar notes, the last time BMW sold the M engine to a third party was the McLaren F1, which used the BMW S70 V12.