A mobile home is presented, which is no worse than an apartment

A mobile home is presented, which is no worse than an apartment

August 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German motorhome manufacturer Unicat has created the WT69 workshop trailer with a very comfortable and functional living area. The new car may appeal, for example, to millionaire racers. On such a road train it would be convenient to get to the same Dakar race.

Unicat has developed the WT69 biaxial module with living area and workshop. The trailer, whose length reaches seven meters, is suitable for long journeys. At the same time, if desired, it will turn out to be an excellent mobile workshop for auto racing.

The width of the trailer is 2.5 meters, and fiberglass was used in the manufacture of the body of such a module. The dimensions of the trailer make it possible to equip two 400-liter fuel tanks at once. One of them is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the living compartment.

The motorhome got 20-inch wheels with off-road tires. There is a place for solar panels on the roof of the house.

In the living area of ​​such a road train, five beds were placed at once. Moreover, it can transform from them. There is wireless Internet, a 32-inch TV, a small but ergonomic kitchen with a gas stove, refrigerator and necessary utensils, and a shower room with a toilet. The design of the residential module is modern and stylish.
In the workshop, you can transport equipment for the repair and maintenance of equipment. The manufacturer made sure that in the working compartment there was a spare generator, various tools, as well as a convenient table with boxes for transporting the necessary “consumables”. The cost of such a motorhome has not yet been announced. But it is noted that the workshop trailer can be used in conjunction with a three-axle MAN TGS 6×6 caravan. The Germans presented this camper earlier.

Earlier AutoTimesNews talked about the “rare” motorhome Toyota Chinook, which became the lot of the auction. The age of this camper is approaching 30. The car was created in 1991 for an individual order. During all this time, the mobile home has changed three owners.