A man destroyed his Dodge Charger 500 to teach less bargain buyers

A man destroyed his Dodge Charger 500 to teach less bargain buyers

October 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

And promised to do it again if necessary

The owner of a rather rare Dodge Charger 500 said he was tired of buyers who are trying to lower the price of his car, so as a protest he took his oil car to a local metal processing plant and destroyed it.

Charger 1970 release, although it is a welcome instance in the collection of any fan of the American automobile industry, but specifically this oil car required serious improvements – for almost half a century the car managed to decently decay, and the paint peeled off from almost all the details. But even despite such a deplorable state, the owner still wanted to gain 10 thousand dollars from the sale.

Of course, it is almost impossible to quickly find a buyer for an old rusty car for such a price, but the owner thought differently. He was very disappointed with the bidders who began to bargain with him in attempts to at least slightly reduce the obviously overpriced price, so he decided to act radically.

As a result, the man took his Charger to a metal processing plant and destroyed it, and so that other buyers were not at a loss to bargain with him, recorded the entire process on video and put it on the Web. At the same time, the man does not regret at all and even said that he was ready to do the same again if the situation repeats itself.