A look from the cab – Toyota Supra 2020 drives the Nurburgring circle in 7:52 minutes

A look from the cab – Toyota Supra 2020 drives the Nurburgring circle in 7:52 minutes

December 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese coupe was able to drive the full circle of the Nurburgring race track in 7 minutes 52 seconds and 17 milliseconds, being faster than its closest relative – the BMW Z4 roadster, by as much as three seconds.

So, while the Bavarian fighter completed the Nordschleife circle in 7 minutes and 55.41 seconds, the new Supra turned out to be a little over three seconds faster – it crossed the finish line in 7 minutes 52 seconds and 17 milliseconds. The on-board video with a nimble sports car is quite mesmerizing, since the fifth-generation coupe passes all the difficult turns of the famous German racing track very quickly.

It is worth noting that in October last year, the same pilot Christian Gebhardt was able to show the time 7: 52.36 on the Bavarian “charged” coupe BMW M2 Competition. And a little over a month ago, it took him 8:04 to complete the same task while driving a Volkswagen Golf hatchback performed by the GTI TCR, which is designed specifically for driving on the racetrack.

 The reporters of the reputable Sport Auto publication also tested the possibilities of another Bavarian car, the high-performance M3 GTS sedan, on the same Nurburgring highway, though it was back in 2013. Then the result was 7:48, and a year later the M4 Coupe and Aston Martin V12 Vantage S were able to drive a full circle in 7:52, almost close to the time shown by the Japanese Toyota Supra A90 coupe.

 And one more thing, we have to take into account that now we used the regular Supra version in the race, and Toyota has already announced that several more powerful versions of this model will be released. With more power and possibly less weight, the travel time of the Nurburgring circle should be reduced.