A little-known company will produce the legendary Defender SUV with a BMW engine

A little-known company will produce the legendary Defender SUV with a BMW engine

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As you know, Jaguar Land Rover has been working on a new generation of Defender brutal off-road vehicle for a year. The car is built on the basis of an upgraded Discovery chassis, and many fans of the brand are not very well received this idea.

But lovers of classic frame chassis should not be discouraged: the little-known British company Ineos Automotive will produce an analogue of the old Defender, which, thanks to the end of the production of Defender under the Land Rover nameplate, decided to start production of a similar model and fill the gap thus formed.

According to the portal Automotive News, in order not to suffer from lawsuits from the JLR, Ineos decided to call the car in its own way – Grenadier. Technically, it largely follows the Land Rover classic: the Grenadier will have four-wheel drive, a steel frame chassis, aluminum body panels, and the most interesting is the BMW engine, which will be located longitudinally. True, there is no information about its configuration, but you should not be surprised if the company chooses the 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit of the B58 series. Unfortunately, the company has not published any teaser models yet.

Jaguar Land Rover has previously commented on the intentions of Ineos to market its replica of the legendary SUV. According to the company representative, at the moment they have no problems with Ineos, however, the company will closely monitor that its intellectual rights are not affected.

By the way, the young company has set itself a very ambitious task – to realize 25-30 thousand Grenadier per year. It is expected, the SUV will appear on the market in 2021, and its cost will be comparable to the cost of the Defender before the completion of production, which in recent years was sold at a price of £ 23,000.