A girl from the USA has implanted a chip from her Tesla

A girl from the USA has implanted a chip from her Tesla

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Amy Dansby – a resident of Texas, decided on a very unusual operation, during which a small chip from a Tesla car was implanted in her hand. Now, to open the transport, it is enough for her to “rub” the car with her hand.

Now the world is actively discussing the transition of man to digital technological singularity, scientists also put forward their theories about this. It is expected that in this century we will see a hybrid person more than once. And some people come up with strange ideas and insert chips into themselves.

One of these was Amy Dansby. She implanted a chip from the American Tesla electric car in her hand, and now she does not have to carry the card with her, just raise her hand and rub the car where the card is applied. Amy is an unusual girl, she is a cosplayer, streamer and programmer. She gained her popularity on the Tesla Model 3.

Access to the car is via a mobile application or through a chip card. The girl decided to go in a non-standard way and removed a chip from the card, which she implanted in her hand. She also implanted a chip that opens the front door of her own house, as well as giving access to her personal site.

Amy independently removed the chip from the card, which she wanted to put in her hand. Medical organizations and workers refused to perform such an operation, so she turned to her friend who makes tattoos (the girl herself has a lot of tattoos on her body). The operation was successful, by the way, it was filmed. Content is not for those who are afraid of blood. Those interested can find it on YouTube.