A giant python sneaked under the hood of a Ford Mustang

A giant python sneaked under the hood of a Ford Mustang

November 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

American discovered in his car a three-meter snake

A giant tiger python snuck under the hood of a parked Ford Mustang. The incident took place in Florida (USA). The owner of the car had to call a special service for catching wild animals – the video of the removal of a three-meter snake from the engine compartment became a hit on American social networks.

The owner of a blue Ford Mustang spotted the snake when he started the car and heard uncharacteristic sounds from the engine compartment. It turned out that a tiger python, a very large non-venomous snake that had unintentionally settled in Florida as a result of human activity, had curled itself into a ball under the hood.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) considers the tiger python to be an invasive species and requires reporting of these snakes. In Florida, the tiger python is classified as a dangerous pest, so the FWC encourages people to kill these snakes whenever possible. The length of the tiger python in the wild reaches 3-5 meters, so birds, mammals and even alligators can be victims of a reptile.

On social media, they joke that after retrieving the snake, the Mustang is no longer Super Snake. However, the spread of tiger pythons is a serious problem for Florida, because the authorities catch several thousand giant snakes every year.