A former employee of Toyota has developed a floating electric car

A former employee of Toyota has developed a floating electric car

February 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Thailand, started the implementation of an electric amphibious car called Fomm One, the creation of which worked as an engineer of the Japanese company Toyota Hideo Tsurumaki.

From Thai motorists for a car with four seats in the cabin request the amount of 664 thousand baht or $ 21,260. For comparison, the American pickup Ford Ranger in this country was estimated at 559 thousand baht ($ 17,900).

At length, this new product reached two and a half meters, the width reached the mark of 1.3 meters, and the height is 1.56 meters. The total weight of the electric car without batteries and additional features in technical terms is 445 kilograms. “Amphibian” received under the hood two electrical units for 5 kW, totally issuing 14 horses and 560 Nm of torque. On a fully charged battery without the need for recharging, a car can travel up to 160 kilometers. In general, you need to spend about six hours to auto charged from the city power grid. The speed mark was 80 km / h.

This unusual electric car engines are very well protected from moisture. To move around the pond, the machine employs turbine-shaped wheels that draw water and a water cannon. The creator of this model emphasizes that in technical terms he was far from an amphibian, and the ability to swim is provided only as a last resort if the locality suffers from flooding or heavy rain. In general, the machine was created to save people during the raging elements. A similar car the year before last was constructed by a resident of China Zhiong Zhian. His model is capable of carrying up to four passengers and sail on water at a speed of 32 km / h.