A Ford pickup with plasma, grill and refrigerator will appear at the auction

A Ford pickup with plasma, grill and refrigerator will appear at the auction

October 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Auction house Barrett-Jackson will auction an original Ford pickup.

This is a show car based on the F-350 model, which was developed for participation in the 2018 SEMA event. The machine has acquired external improvements, as well as a large TV, grill, refrigerator and table for games.

All “entertainment” is located in the cargo hold and behind the car. The 65-inch TV is fixed to the trunk lid and rises with it. At the same time, the sound is reproduced through the Maxxsonics speakers, which are located under the cover.

The rear of the pickup, together with the tailgate, is transformed in such a way that a refrigerator and a grill are located on the left and right sides, and a game table, which is partially made of wood, is laid out between them. In addition, the show car has 24-inch discs and air suspension with the ability to control each wheel individually and strongly lower. The power unit has not changed, it is a 450-horsepower (1270 Nm) diesel engine with a volume of 6.7 liters.

The car was prepared by the specialized company Truck Hero with the help of students participating in the Custom Cars & Concepts program. It is noted that the auction will be held on October 23, the proceeds will go to charity.

In addition, the timing of the premiere of the European modification of the “off-road” Ford EcoSport was announced quite recently. It should be emphasized that the novelty will acquire increased ground clearance, additional body protection, and also a unique exterior and interior design.