A drunk driver broke a new Porsche and went … to sleep

A drunk driver broke a new Porsche and went … to sleep

September 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Porsche 911 remained standing in a pile of sand, and even with open windows.

Everything indicates that the owner of the red Porsche 911 from Warsaw was returning on Friday evening after the stormy libations. On Vilanovska Avenue, repairs are underway, and traffic is allowed only on one side of the road. The driver on the sports car pulled down the plastic barriers and got stuck in a pile of sand. No sane person would leave such an expensive car on the road with open windows, but, apparently, this is the rare case.

The car owner threw the new Porsche to the mercy of fate and went to rest, hiding in an unknown direction. The sports car has a damaged bumper and the right side of the body, but, in principle, the car is repairable, and explaining such a strange act is quite difficult. If the driver was drunk, it was in his interest to quickly remove the car, using the tow truck. If he was in a completely insane state, then the question arises, but how could he leave at all, why did not fall asleep right in the car?

Now the police are looking for the driver to “return” his expensive car, as it interferes with road construction works. Well, at the same time and thoroughly understand the matter. Police believe that the driver was the owner of the car – the car was not stolen.

Users of social networks had a lot of fun about this, leaving the following comments: “he went to buy himself a new one”, “just hurried”, “sand saved his life,” “apparently he could afford it.” But he especially touched this: “What else could he do?”