A dog locked in a car drove in reverse in a circle for about an hour

A dog locked in a car drove in reverse in a circle for about an hour

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the USA, a Labrador Retriever named Max spent about an hour driving a car in reverse. The dog and the car were practically unaffected, although the car still had minor scratches.

Of course, many took this video from the American town of Port St. Lucie (Florida) for a fake, but neighbors, eyewitnesses from among passers-by, the police and even journalists from the local TV channel are involved in the story. They all talk about the reality of everything that happened. In fact, everything was real: a dog locked in a car named Max spent two hours backing in front of the house.

The neighbor of the owner of the car in which the dog was located noticed that at first glance the empty car had been circling in front of the house for a long time. A woman called the police and rescuers. They did not dare to stop the car on their own, so they only waited for it to crash into someone else’s mailbox or garbage cans. After a small accident, rescuers opened the door, releasing a shocked Labrador Retriever.

 Local police said that the accident turned out to be completely random: the car owner got out of his car, forgetting to pick up the keys and slamming the door unconsciously. At that moment, the dog was in the car and, apparently, accidentally shifted the gear lever, which caused the car to go.

Strange, but during this time, neither the car nor the dog was affected. Having hooked the mailbox, the car only slightly scratched the body. “Max was fine, healthy and happy!” – said the police.