A deadly accident involving an unmanned Uber hit the video

A deadly accident involving an unmanned Uber hit the video

March 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The police published a video of the accident with the participation of an Uber unmanned vehicle. As a result of the incident, a woman was killed who crossed the road. Recording from the DVR was posted in the Twiter Police of Temple City (Arizona), where the tragedy occurred.

“Police traffic police department Tempe examines the details of the March 18 incident. We will provide additional information on the investigation as soon as it is available, “the law enforcement agencies said in a statement.

The official cause of the accident is not yet called. At the same time, Uber has already temporarily stopped testing its drones in American cities.

According to preliminary data, there is no fault with the drone in the accident. The Volvo car was moving autonomously at a speed of 61 km / h. The woman suddenly jumped on the road, as a result, the system simply did not have time to react to the danger.

In 2016, Uber launched in the test mode a service for online taxi call, controlled by an autopilot. To do this, the company uses Volvo cars equipped with an unmanned system. In addition, in the park Uber are Ford Fusion with a hybrid power plant.

In the cabin of each of them there is a driver and an engineer who, if necessary, can take control of themselves. In addition, Mercedes-Benz models with unmanned control system will appear in the Uber fleet. The corresponding agreement was signed with the concern Daimler. It is expected that the first unmanned vehicles of the German brand Uber will begin to be used in the coming years. Most likely, for these purposes, E-Class sedans will be used.