A collection of rare cars was found in an abandoned school

A collection of rare cars was found in an abandoned school

September 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A collection of rare cars, badly tainted with rust, was found by the American Bryant Neil. The photographer wandered into an abandoned school in New York State, where a real surprise awaited him.

Inside the dilapidated building, the American photographer discovered about ten very rare cars.

The school was built back in 1913, and it continued to accept students until the 80s. After that, a car workshop was opened on the site of the educational institution: here they tuned serial models and built unique hot rods. However, such a workshop did not work for long because of an accident that happened to its owner. After serious injuries, he was never able to fully recover, moved to Florida, and closed the workshop along with all the cars available there.


The abandoned collection includes a 1999 Ford Mustang, a 1930s Ford Model A hot rod, the once luxurious Cadillac Deville, and more.

Most of the items in the collection look very depressing, but some of the cars can still be restored if desired.

Earlier, a resident of the UK found an abandoned garage, from which they made a warehouse for a variety of cars: from concepts and once-stylish sports cars to classic taxis. Among them is the 1982 Bristol Fighter, which never became widespread. You could see him only at exhibitions.