A cinema and motor racing legend put up for sale

A cinema and motor racing legend put up for sale

May 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Canada, the exclusive 1952 Chevrolet 3800 of the 1952 production year appeared on sale. And its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was owned by Steve McQueen – the legend of cinema and motorsport.

The car was converted into a camper by order of Steve. This car is considered one of the most important in the collection of the actor, because it was on it that he made his last trip.

Pickup appeared at McQueen in the 1970s and became an exhibit of his already impressive collection. It turned out that it was this car that the actor chose in November 1980 to get from his home in California’s Santa Paula to the local airport. He was supposed to fly to Mexico, where he was to be operated on.

 On that trip, the famous pastor Billy Graham was with him, and, according to history, the whole time to McQueen Airport was interested in the reverend about the afterlife. Having parked the Chevrolet 3800 at the airborne harbor, McQueen told Graham goodbye, “See you in heaven.” A few days after this conversation, the actor is smart in the Juarez hospital at the age of 50.

 After the death of the actor in 1980, this pickup was owned by several more owners. In 2015, the pickup was sold at auction for $ 60,500. Now the announcement of its sale has appeared on the legendarymotorcar web portal, and the seller has declared his readiness to disclose the cost only to an interested buyer in person.

  In addition, more recently, the Saleen coupe from the movie “Transformers” appeared on sale. It’s about the Saleen S281E fastback.