A brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV will not get V8 engines?

A brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV will not get V8 engines?

June 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that a brand new SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will not be offered with powerful V8 engines. One of the reasons for this is to increase efficiency and reduce overall emissions.

 Among the reasons why the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser was and remains a very attractive off-road vehicle in the automotive market is the opportunity to purchase this machine with a powerful V8. In fact, the gasoline unit at 381 hp and a working volume of 5.7 liters remains the only choice for the model at the moment in some countries. With this “heart”, the SUV gets great opportunities in off-road conditions and towing something very heavy.

However, it seems that Toyota’s V8, whether diesel or gasoline, will not be offered for a brand new Land Cruiser 300 Series.

Although not officially confirmed, the news came from an interview with CarAdvice, a foreign publication, with Toyota Australia’s head of product planning and development, Bernard Nadal. When asked about the rumors about abandoning V8 engines, Mr Nada responded: “You will see that most brands are gradually abandoning petrol or diesel V8. They tend to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, so this is a global phenomenon. ”

So two things: efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions. The first may mean that a smaller but more powerful turbocharged V6 engine is still under development – the “well-informed sources” of the Australian automotive magazine seem to agree. According to their data, by 2021 the upcoming Land Cruiser 300 will be equipped with a turbo diesel or turbo-petrol V6 engine. A hybrid V6-based powerplant will also appear in a few years.

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