A book about Ferrari for £ 22,500

A book about Ferrari for £ 22,500

November 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari book has a stand in the form of a V12 engine.

A video featuring a demonstration of the book Il Fascino Ferrari, published by Taschen publishing house in collaboration with Italian journalist Pino Altiev, appeared on the Drivetribe community page on Facebook. Its feature – an aluminum stand in the form of a V12 engine and the price of 22,500 pounds sterling.

Il Fascino Ferrari is 480 pages with hundreds of unique photos, drawings and sketches from the archives of the Italian brand and private collectors. The book was released in two versions: Collector’s and Art Edition. The latter was released in a limited edition of 250 copies, and it is he who is offered with a unique case and stand. The first is more affordable: its price is only 4,500 pounds.

The price of the most expensive book on Ferrari is 38,400 euros. For so many, Sotheby’s auction house sold The Official Ferrari Opus, Diamante Edition with a carbon-fiber case and white diamonds.