A bold hot rod based on an old Ford F-600 truck was put up for auction

A bold hot rod based on an old Ford F-600 truck was put up for auction

July 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An unusual car is looking for an owner on eBay. For him they are going to help out at least 25,500 dollars.

On the Web they sell a spectacular hot rod based on a Ford F-600 truck, released back in 1959. The results of the auction will be known in a month, but for now the last bid has reached $ 25,500

The Ford F-600 was assembled in Brazil: the cars were equipped with the most powerful engine in the lineup – this is an 8-cylinder 4.8-liter engine from the Ford Y-Block family. Recall that such power units were produced until 1964. For the performance of the 60-year-old hot rod today, the 6-cylinder 6V53T engine, created by specialists from Detroit Diesel, is responsible. In tandem with the engine, the 4-speed Allison gearbox is working.

Such a converted Ford truck will be able to accelerate to 88.5 km / h. This figure is voiced by the seller.

The car receives a reinforced frame, a modified suspension, power steering, new brakes and a 15 liter fuel tank. All the optics of the spectacular truck were transferred to LEDs. The exception was only the headlights. But the hot rod does not have a speedometer. So the new owner will have to determine the speed of the car in real time using modern mobile applications.

Earlier, the exclusive Aston Martin V12 Zagato with an aluminum body got into the auction. This is one of two pre-production prototypes that received the body exclusively from aluminum, and not from aluminum and carbon fiber, like serial cars.