9-door Chinese SUV gets first integrated 5G network

9-door Chinese SUV gets first integrated 5G network

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese company Human Horizons, which in 2019 showed an electric cross with 9 doors, teamed up with the local telecommunications giant China Telecom to develop the debut production car with an integrated 5G network. This became known on Thursday, May 21.

Due to the introduction of promising technology, the HiPhi 1 crossover will acquire support for the 5G-V2X standard, that is, it will be able to “communicate” with other cars, infrastructure and smart roads.

  Over 500 sensors, cameras and optical range finders help navigate the space of the 9-door HiPhi 1. Information that comes in real time is processed by the neural network. These are 4 domain controllers and 6 microcomputers connected to a common gigabit network.

 Cross can analyze large amounts of data only with the help of an on-board system, turning to the cloud computing platform if necessary.

The HiPhi 1 shown last year received a powertrain including a 96 kWh battery and 2 electric motors with a capacity of 268 hp. each. Until the first 100 km/h electric car accelerates in about 3.6 seconds. Autonomy is 644 km.

 In addition, it has recently become known that the stylish Kia Stinger liftback can become an electric car. Data for 2018 and 2019 show that model sales fell by about 18%.