85-year-old rally car fully rebuilt after fire

85-year-old rally car fully rebuilt after fire

March 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about the Riley Lynx model, which was assembled in 1934. The result can truly be impressive.

Today on the Web there are photos of the unique 1934 Riley Lynx rally car. At one time, the car was almost completely destroyed by fire. For its restoration, the former rally racing driver Roger Fontaine, who is now engaged in the restoration of cars, undertook. He learned about the sad story of Riley Lynx from social networks. The fire almost completely destroyed the car – from it there was only a frame, as well as several charred debris.

Therefore, the process of restoring the body around the frame had to start from scratch. The restoration began in 2015. Initially, Roger made a completely wooden body and external panels from the surviving parts. Then the most difficult work began – the search for the necessary components and parts; it is very difficult to do this for a car whose assembly was discontinued in 1958.

After completing all the searches, Fontaine began assembling, but in 2018 the work was suspended. The reason was Roger’s health problems, as well as difficulties in registering a restored car.

  When all the difficulties were left behind, the work was completed. Now the car looks simply amazing and is a real pride for the restorer. And given his sporting past and honorable age, the rally car can be called a real treasure. In parallel with the restoration work, Roger Fontaine wrote a book on the car. She received a very symbolic name – Phoenix.