70 detonators effectively ruined the old SEAT Ibiza

70 detonators effectively ruined the old SEAT Ibiza

December 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video appeared on the YouTube channel Beyond The Press, which shows how an old hatchback SEAT Ibiza was decided to pretty much spoil with the help of a small amount of explosives.

Beyond The Press from the YouTube channel of the same name decided to try to smash the old Spanish hatchback SEAT Ibiza to pieces. The guys decided to use 50 capsules for this, which are used to explode dynamite.

Showing Finnish ingenuity, the team installed a ring of 72 Chronos time-lapse cameras around the car to capture the destruction at an exceptionally high frame rate.

After installing the necessary “equipment” on the test car, everyone retreats to a safe distance and prepares for an explosion, which takes only a few seconds. Proof of the machine’s reliability is that the engine was still running after a flurry of explosions.

For those curious as to why they decided not to use dynamite, Beyond The Press and the company said that it would simply rip the car to shreds and possibly throw the shards into an extremely valuable collection of cameras. Along with security measures for the capture devices, the team has filmed numerous videos in the past using huge reserves of dynamite.

After showing a series of spectacular explosions in real time, high-speed cameras showed a sequence of destruction – all culminating in the explosion of the hood. For such a light explosive, we were surprised to see destruction. We assume that the explosion detonated the gasoline in the engine.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that an old Chrysler PT Cruiser was smashed with a bowling ball. Foreign bloggers decided to test the strength of the once popular Chrysler PT Cruiser hatchback. To do this, they threw a heavy bowling ball at him, firing point-blank at him from a homemade cannon.