7 best armored cars

7 best armored cars

February 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We decided to recall other expensive and unusual cars that are not afraid of grenade explosions and Kalashnikov bursts.

Cadillac Escalade AddArmor

Cadillac Escalade – one of the most popular models, on the basis of which create armored cars. One of the latest projects of this kind was prepared by AddArmor, founded by ex-US law enforcement officers. The design used bulletproof glass with a thickness of more than five centimeters, which withstand the fire of large-caliber assault rifles and powerful pistols. The body was protected by special carbon fiber panels, which are ten times stronger, but at the same time 60% lighter than standard ballistic steel. SUV valued at $ 350,000

Rezvani Tank Military Edition

The American company Rezvani, known for its small-scale sports cars, offers a “military” version of its only SUV Tank – Military Edition. Equipment at the car is really combat. In addition to bulletproof glass and armored capsules, the Tank is equipped with a fire wall, “toothed” off-road tires and a special suspension system that allows the car to stay on the move even after hitting a mine. In addition, in the event of an attack, the car may release a smoke screen to hide from the enemy. The cabin has a set of gas masks and a medical kit for first aid.

Karlmann King

Huge six-ton ‚Äč‚Äčarmored car Karlmann King from the Chinese company IAT, built on the platform of a heavy pickup Ford F-550, claims to be the most luxurious and expensive SUV in the world. After all, the base car with a body in the style of Stealth aircraft was estimated at about $ 2 million, while the cost of the personalized machine can reach $ 3.8 million. And there is a charge for what. For example, in the interior design you can use leather, Alcantara, natural wood and gold, and the list of available equipment includes, for example, a refrigerator, tablets, a powerful audio system, karaoke with a three-dimensional display and even a stroboscope.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Klassen

Do not have time to Rolls-Royce to release its first serial SUV, as the German company Klassen has prepared a project of turning the Cullinan model into a six-meter armored vehicle worth two million dollars. The length of the car has increased by more than one meter, to 6.36 meters. The degree of ballistic protection corresponds to the level of VR9. This means that the Cullinan is able to withstand shots of an automatic 7.62 caliber steel-core weapon and 15 kg explosives in TNT equivalent.

Aston Martin DB11 Trasco

Armored vehicles can be created not only on the basis of large sedans and SUVs. For example, the German company Trasco from Bremen has modified the Aston Martin DB11 supercar, which is able to provide protection against “attacks with light guns and robbery attempts.” In the design of the door coupe used armored steel, additional composite materials and bullet-proof glass. The total mass of protective components does not exceed 150 kilograms. As the developers noted, such a slight weight gain did not affect the dynamics of the car.

Tesla Model S Armormax

Americans from Armormax claim that they have created the fastest armored car in the world. The design of the Tesla Model S P100D electric liftback was reinforced with a special ballistic alloy and special laminated synthetic fiber, which is approximately 80% lighter than traditional steel armor. As noted in the company, after completion, the electric car gained only 250 kg in weight, while “other firms, as a rule, add up to one and a half tons of armor.” In this case, the car is not afraid of shots of a powerful rifle and pistol. The electric car can accelerate from a standstill to 96 km / h in 2.3 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to 250 km per hour.

Tesla Model X Centur Security

The creation of Tesla armored electric vehicles is carried out by Centur Security from Mexico, where sales of bullet-proof vehicles beat all records. However, this is not surprising: Latin America maintains a leading position in the crime rate with the use of firearms. In the design of the Tesla Model X crossover, steel, lightweight ballistic materials and special glasses that can withstand the shots of the Magnum have been added. But most importantly, the electric car was only 250 kg, which reduced its maximum power reserve by only 3-5%.