6-year-old Tesla Model S approached 1,600,000 km

6-year-old Tesla Model S approached 1,600,000 km

October 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A resident of Germany, Hansjörg Gemmingen, drove 1.2 million km in a 2014 Tesla Model S electric car. Now he is striving for the next goal – 1.6 million kilometers traveled.

According to Autoevolution, Elon Musk personally congratulated the German with record numbers on the odometer – the head of Tesla made a corresponding post on his Twitter. However, Hansjörg Gemmingen had become a star long before that: in November 2019, the leading media wrote about him as the first owner of a Tesla electric car, which drove 1 million km.

The owner of the record-breaking Tesla bought his Model S P85 6 years ago with a range of 30,000 km. Since then, he has been driving 600 km every day on it – to overcome such distances he is obliged to work as a stock broker. According to Gemmingen, he is not a fan of Tesla, but he believes in the future of electric vehicles and seeks to debunk the myths that are associated with them.

For the entire period of operation, the electric car had only one replacement of the battery and three electric motors (for 470 thousand km). However, the new units were received free of charge, since they were installed under warranty.