5000 people wanted to buy hybrid coupe Polestar

5000 people wanted to buy hybrid coupe Polestar

February 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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More than 5000 thousand people expressed a desire to buy the first model of the company Polestar – a hybrid coupe Polestar 1. This is reported with the reference to the head of the automaker Thomas Ingenlata reports Automotive News.

In connection with high demand, Polestar is exploring the possibility of increasing the volume of new products. The original plan involves assembling Polestar 1 in one shift at an enterprise in Chengdu, China. The planned output is 500 vehicles per year.

According to Ingenlat, now Polestar is thinking about producing its first model in two shifts.

At the same time Automotive News notes that the plant for the production of Polestar 1 will be ready only by the middle of this year, and the release of the model will begin only in the middle of 2019. Pre-orders for the hybrid coupe will be collected in the spring.

The coupe Polestar 1 debuted in October 2017. The model is equipped with a hybrid power plant, the output of which is 600 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque. Only on electric power two-door can drive 150 kilometers.

Earlier it was reported that the cost of Polestar 1 would be $ 150,000. The car can also be purchased by subscription, which involves monthly payments.