5000-hp Devel Sixteen sold out two years ahead

5000-hp Devel Sixteen sold out two years ahead

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company’s management assures that it is carefully selected in the choice of customers.

The waiting list for the 5000-hp hypercar Devel Sixteen, the price of which starts from 1.6 million dollars, is painted two years in advance. At the same time, the company’s management very carefully selects customers, and the availability of a sufficient amount does not guarantee the purchase of a car.

This writes Cool Hunting, citing the founders of the Devel Motors brothers Al-Attar. The company’s president, Majid Al-Attar, complains that in the Emirates, where the brand’s headquarters is located, it is very difficult to stand out, as there are hundreds of different supercars and hypercars in the country. However, they managed to build a car with a 12.3-liter V16 from the dragster and even bring it to normal roads.

Engine power, developed by Steve Morris Engines, is 5007 horsepower and 4771 Nm of torque. With him, the hypercar can accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour in 1.8 seconds. Maximum speed – 515 kilometers per hour.

When choosing buyers, Al-Attari is guided by the rule “it’s not the buyer who chooses the car, but the car that chooses the buyer”. The owner of the car should understand that not everyone can cope with such power.

In November last year, the media wrote that the development of Devel Sixteen is suspended. The project left the main technical partner – Manufattura Automobili Torino (MAT), the company can not finish the development of the engine cooling system, and also does not know how to keep the car on the road at speeds above 480 kilometers per hour.