40 ton truck lifted into the sky with drones

40 ton truck lifted into the sky with drones

November 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The video clip uploaded to social networks shows an experiment in which 2 thousand drones managed to lift a 20-ton Scania truck into the sky. Users are divided into two camps – some believe in the veracity of this experiment, while others deny it.

Scania, a Swedish manufacturer of freight transport and a supplier of environmentally friendly transport solutions and services, published an unusual video a little earlier, which they decided to repeat on the Web.

The video, which was uploaded to the social network Twitter, clearly shows how 2 thousand unmanned drones managed to tear a 20-ton truck off the ground. The video clip has been watched more than a million times, it caused great interest among users of social networks.

“Technically, it’s really possible. Assuming it’s DJIGlobal, whose maximum payload is 18.5 kg. Using 2,000 aircraft, you can lift 37,000 kg. An 18-wheeled truck usually weighs just over 36,000 kg, ”one Twitter user said.

 Nevertheless, a huge number of other people doubted the veracity of this experiment. They believe that this is editing and computer graphics. The company has not yet commented on this.