40 thousand owners of Volkswagen filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer

40 thousand owners of Volkswagen filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer

November 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Federal Consumer Union of Germany (VZBV) took advantage of new changes in the country’s legislation and filed a class lawsuit against the Volkswagen AG concern. The document was signed by about 40 thousand owners of diesel vehicles, who believe that the automaker deliberately inflicted damage on them, using software that masks excessive levels of emissions of harmful substances.

According to Reuters, the German concern has already paid compensation to car owners in the US, but in Germany he was able to negotiate with the regulator only about updating the firmware. At the same time, the brand management believes that consumers still have no legal grounds for filing claims.


“The plaintiffs will be obliged to prove that they have suffered actual losses and damage”, – Autocar quotes a Volkswagen representative. This means that the determining factors for deciding on compensation will be the duration of ownership and the condition of the car. To determine the extent of damage, all victims will have to file individual claims, which expire before the end of the year.

In turn, VZBV wants to get compensation for more than two million Volkswagen owners. According to the Union of Consumers, at the time of sale, the advertised cars were not as effective and threw out more harmful substances than the manufacturer claimed.

Volkswagen was accused of using fraudulent software in 2015. Because of the scandal caused by it, it was necessary to withdraw more than 11 million cars. In addition, in the US, Oliver Schmidt, the former top manager of the Volkswagen American office, was sentenced to seven years in prison, and in April of this year, the head of the Porsche engine development department, Jorg Kerner, was arrested. The total amount of fines and lawsuits against the group amounted to 90 billion dollars.