38-ton autonomous loader rides through a glass labyrinth

38-ton autonomous loader rides through a glass labyrinth

September 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Heavy forklift with autopilot navigates in space with the help of a laser system, various sensors and gyroscopes

Company Sandvik, specializing in mining and construction industry, published a video in which a heavy loader rides through a labyrinth of glass. The car moves without the help of the driver – the control is completely controlled by the electronics.

The loader weighing 38 tons and 11 meters long is oriented in space with the help of lasers, sensors and gyroscopes. At the same time, the car is not equipped with a GPS system, since satellite navigation is useless when working in mines. The computer analyzes the data and chooses the safest path.

Sandvik autonomous heavy loaders have been operating in mines for more than 20 years. Their unmanned complex relies on data from laser rangefinders, sensors and gyroscopes. Since machines operate underground, the use of GPS is not possible.

The developers noted that the use of unmanned vehicles under the ground will increase the safety of workers, who can be moved to the mining management centers on the surface.

Volvo Construction Equipment, part of the Volvo Group, also develops unmanned equipment for mining companies. Recently, the company began testing unmanned loaders and diesel-electric excavators on the territory of the Vikan-Cross quarry near Gothenburg.