3,500 rental cars were destroyed by fire

3,500 rental cars were destroyed by fire

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The incident happened in Florida (USA). In the parking lot for cars that were rented, there was a strong fire, as a result of which 3,500 cars were destroyed. There are no human casualties.

  On Friday, a fire broke out in a parking lot in the Southwest Florida International Airport (USA), where cars for rent were located. As a result, at least 3,500 cars that were located on a huge area were damaged. While the cause of the fire is still being clarified, many comments have been received regarding parking – it turns out the cars were just outdoors, next to dry grass. And yes, there were flammable materials nearby, which also contribute to the rapid spread of fire.

The fire itself was extinguished thanks to aviation and numerous fire brigade crews – it is reported that they even had to attract empty ones from neighboring districts.

Law enforcement agencies were also involved in the operation to help control traffic around the airport and guide “travelers” to new temporary parking lots and areas as far from the scene as possible.