34-year-old Ford Mustang GT convertible put up for sale

34-year-old Ford Mustang GT convertible put up for sale

September 3, 2020 Off By autotimesnews

At the Bring A Trailer auction on Thursday, September 3, a 34-year-old Ford Mustang convertible of the third generation was put up.

As of the evening of September 2, the bid was $ 7,500, about the same as a used third-generation Focus.

The car is driven by a 200-horsepower 5.0 liter V8 engine. Traction is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. Brakes a sports car with disc brakes on the front axle and drum brakes on the rear.

The interior of the Mustang is trimmed with gray leather, and the cabin also has power windows, cruise control, air conditioning and a Ford Premium Sound tape recorder. The maximum speed of the car is 128 km / h, and its mileage is 56,000 km.

According to the seller, the car did not get into an accident, and when preparing the Mustang for sale, they made an oil change. Of the defects, it is worth noting paint chips on the front panel and cracks on the left window seal. Over the years, the car has traveled to Florida and New York, and is currently in a showroom at a North Carolina dealer. It is worth noting that the auction is due to close in 7 days.

In addition, it was recently noted that the “charged” BMW M3 2001 was sold for a lot of money. It should be emphasized that the German automaker’s high-performance coupe is located in Canada.