31-year-old Ford concept rated cheaper than iPhone

31-year-old Ford concept rated cheaper than iPhone

June 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The public premiere of the concept Ford Via was organized in the 1990th as part of the Chicago Motor Show. Now this prototype, which is quite innovative for its time, has become the lot of the Bring a Trailer auction house.

Bring a Trailer will hammer the prototype Ford Via Concept, created in 1989. For such a car you will have to pay $ 1,600. For comparison, about the same amount (about 114 thousand) will cost the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Ford Via Concept featured at the Chicago Motor Show did not have a motor and transmission. The steering wheel was not connected with the front wheels, so they had to be turned manually. The body of the concept is made of fiberglass, it has two pairs of doors, but only one pair works. Another detail of the appearance of Via Concept is a partially removable panoramic roof.

Headlights here can be optionally configured as fog or with an eye to the main beam. Four bucket seats with combined leather trim – black, gray and turquoise – were placed in the car interior. On the dashboard there was a place for a CD player. The climate control buttons here have a decorative function, a mechanical gearbox is also an imitation.

Currently, Ford Via Concept is located in the Canadian city of Ontario.