300,000 tourists are ready to appreciate the well-being in Melbourne

300,000 tourists are ready to appreciate the well-being in Melbourne

March 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to authorities, more than 300 thousand people will come to Melbourne at the Australian Grand Prix. Fans, employees and guests of the teams, FOM television teams, journalists – and the doctors will be the first to meet them. Apparently, the sick will be immediately sent to the hospital for analysis, but most of all, the local authorities are concerned about the situation with those who develop symptoms of coronavirus later.

The federal government has delegated isolation measures to contain the spread of the virus to local authorities. The governments of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have confirmed that all foreigners who seem sick or have a fever upon arrival at the airport will be immediately isolated from others before being sent to medical facilities.

At the same time, Diane Stevens, deputy director of public health services in the Northern Territory, said that in case of quarantine in hotels, tourists should pay for them on their own, which caused controversy – not everyone has such a budget, and everyone has a return ticket.

The number of cases of coronavirus in the state of New South Wales is still small, by the evening of Friday there were 28 cases, including seven cases of transmission of the virus domestically.

Australia will be the first to accept the Grand Prix this season – and the first to face the need for such large-scale preventive measures. And this experience will be very useful – as well as assessing the consequences of holding such a large-scale event.