25th anniversary of the Audi A4 model celebrated the fifth generation restyling

25th anniversary of the Audi A4 model celebrated the fifth generation restyling

May 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company introduced an updated version of the sedan and station wagon. The model received several noticeable changes in the design, a new assistant driver and lost a 1.4-liter engine.

Only yesterday, Audi celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Audi A4, and the restyled version of the company’s fifth-generation bestseller was already on the network. The car was updated immediately in all versions, including sedan, station wagon and cross-version of Allroad. It is worth noting that in addition to changes in design, the A4 received a line of a modified line of motors and additional electronic systems.

The design has changed the bumper, grille and optics, in principle, the standard set when updating in the middle of the life of the model. In addition, Audi A4 has received new wings and doors, which is already quite unusual. The grille is now different depending on the configuration. Normal versions have a “simple” grille with horizontal bars, “charged” modifications have a honeycomb structure, and Allroad cross-versions have chrome vertical bars.

 In the motor range there have also been major changes. The model has completely lost its 1.4-liter base engine, and all power units are now represented as part of micro-hybrids. This technology provides an additional battery to power all the electrical systems of the car, which reduces the load on the engine and increases the efficiency of the car.

No less interesting was the multimedia system of the new generation MMI with a large display and the ability to load traffic jams in real time, as well as to calculate the route with the ability to catch the “green wave” of traffic lights.