Rinspeed has announced a new electric concept car

Rinspeed has announced a new electric concept car

October 7, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

The Swiss company Rinspeed has developed a concept car Oasis, which will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept is a compact electric car with the double function of the autopilot. The developers call it a “buddy robot R2D2 from Star Wars,” explaining that the famous astromech droid machine have in common a small turning radius and overall futuristic.

The novelty is designed to achieve maximum maneuverability in urban environments. Inside the electric vehicle Rinspeed Oasis has a pull-out table with two cup holders and a small trunk can cool or heat the cargo. The concept can be used as a delivery truck, for example, pizza delivery in major cities.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept

A large windscreen and transparent doors should provide excellent visibility. At the same time passengers can fully trust the autopilot control and watch a TV show on the projection screen. In addition, equipment includes two touch screens on the instrument panel and solar panels on the roof serving for recharging the battery.

Technical characteristics of the electric concept Rinspeed Oasis is kept in secret.