2200 hp in the engine is enough for you? It takes only $ 100,000

2200 hp in the engine is enough for you? It takes only $ 100,000

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To install a 16-cylinder unit, you will need a huge engine compartment. And an incredible fuel tank.

When Sixteen Power, a Michigan-based company, introduced the new V16 engine for boats at SEMA in 2019, many immediately thought about installing this engine on cars. The company went along with the adventurers and made some small changes to the 16-cylinder engine, turning it into a dream of extreme people.

Changes made to the V16 include the removal of water-cooled collectors and heat exchangers and the refinement of the front auxiliary drive for use in the car. The rest of the engine remains the same: it has a volume of 14 liters and a power of 2200 hp. Its block is huge, so you need a spacious engine compartment. Alternatively, if you are a good welder or are familiar with it, you can remove the rear seats of the car, cut the partition between the passenger compartment and the trunk and make a mid-engine hypercar.

If 2200 horsepower is a lot for you, then you can buy a 2000-horsepower version of the unit with four turbines, or a 1600-horsepower version with a supercharger, or a naturally aspirated version with a capacity of 900, 1200 or 1400 horses.