2021 Toyota Proace Verso passenger car goes electric

2021 Toyota Proace Verso passenger car goes electric

November 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new model has appeared in the Toyota lineup of electric cars – Proace Verso Electric. Along with the Proace Electric medium-duty van, the passenger version will hit the European market this month. But the first deliveries will have to wait until next year.

The new Toyota Proace Verso 2021 will reach dealerships in March next year. The Japanese will offer customers cars with three body lengths in four trim levels – Combi, Shuttle, Family and VIP. The number of passengers, depending on the version, varies from five to nine people.

The manufacturer placed a 50 kWh battery under the car floor. With its help, the Proace Verso Electric will travel about 230 kilometers without recharging. A larger 75 kWh battery is optionally available. With it, the range of the car grows to 330 kilometers. A 136-horsepower power unit acts as a motor. The maximum speed of the car is electronically limited at around 130 km / h.

A 50 kWh battery can be charged in just half an hour at a 100 kW charging station, and a 75 kWh battery will take about 45 minutes.

The basic version of the MPV gets heated seats, multimedia with a seven-inch touchscreen, automatically folding mirrors, keyless entry, an electronic “handbrake” and much more.

At the same time, Toyota provided buyers of the new product with a choice of driving modes, as well as access to the latest set of Toyota Safety Sense safety systems.

Earlier it became known that one of the Chinese companies is going to establish an innovative method of producing electric cars. Due to the use of a large number of robotic technology, one machine can leave the conveyor per minute.