2021 Ford Bronco Sport sales start may be delayed

2021 Ford Bronco Sport sales start may be delayed

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The American brand says some trim levels of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV will have to wait one month longer. The delay was caused by a supply chain problem.

While the launch of the full-size Ford Bronco SUV was delayed until the summer due to (presumably) supply chain issues related to the removable roof, the start of sales of a smaller version of the reborn SUV, dubbed the Bronco Sport, came on time. Ford’s official fourth-quarter 2020 sales chart shows 5,120 crossovers were delivered last year, but it looks like the blue oval is now facing some challenges.

Ordering an electric sunroof for Big Bend, Outer Banks and Badlands trims extends the delivery time by four weeks, according to a new report from the foreign publication Ford Authority.

Ditto for the two-tone gray roof paintwork for the Badlands performance, and the Class II trailer towing “package” for the Big Bend, Outer Banks and Badlands.

It’s unclear why Ford is having these problems at its Hermosillo plant in Mexico, where the Bronco Sport has been produced since late October 2020. This could have something to do with the crashes caused by the coronavirus pandemic as other automakers had to face production restrictions due to the lack of certain parts.

The report says the above issues do not apply to the base trims of the Bronco Sport. In other words, customers interested in buying a more affordable performance SUV won’t have to wait an extra month to get their vehicle. For now, the Bronco Sport and the larger Bronco are only sold in North America.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Ford claims that the Bronco Sport SUV was raised by mountain goats. According to that commercial that Ford posted a couple of hours ago, its new Bronco Sport SUV was raised by mountain goats and can, as well as they, overcome mountain trails, bodies of water and other obstacles.