2020 Toyota Supra gets a powerful exhaust from Fi

2020 Toyota Supra gets a powerful exhaust from Fi

August 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust has unveiled a high-performance exhaust system for the Japanese Toyota Supra sports coupe. On the published video, you can hear a very, very loud exhaust of a cult car.

The Frequency Intelligent Exhaust atelier, which developed the high-performance exhaust system for the Toyota Supra sports car, unveiled its development last year, but we only recently learned about it. As standard, the Supra produces excellent exhaust sound especially when driving in Sport mode, allowing the exhaust to crackle when downshifting.

Apparently the folks at Frequency Intelligent think the turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 doesn’t make exactly the sound it should be.

That’s why they installed their exhaust system, which includes coilless ultra-high flow downpipes, a valve muffler and carbon fiber tailpipes.

When the valves are closed and the car is revving up, the new Fi exhaust screams 119 dB of sound, significantly louder than the 97.8 dB of a standard sports coupe exhaust when idling. With the valves open and the engine spinning, the exhaust sound reaches just over 131 dB. For comparison, a jackhammer produces about the same sound.

On the street, the exhaust produces a truly epic cacophony of noise, crackling. As cool as the exhaust sounds in this video, we think it sounds even better live. While we love the Supra’s standard exhaust, we feel that its turbocharged engine is a little muted initially.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Toyota Supra engine of the A80 generation was overclocked to 1239 hp. The guys from the YouTube channel AutoTopNL filmed a crazy, in every sense of the word, overclocking a 1239-strong version of the Toyota Supra of the A80 generation. The maximum speed was over 300 km / h.