2020 Land Rover Defender made a full pickup

2020 Land Rover Defender made a full pickup

June 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent artist presented his vision of what a new generation Land Rover Defender would look like in a pickup truck. The British truck received a relatively small cargo platform.

The modern Land Rover Defender SUV is not offered in a pickup truck, although the previous generation of the model could still be bought in this version. This unfortunate misunderstanding was tried to be corrected by a talented artist known as spdesignsest – he tried to show us what a Land Rover Defender 2020 model year would look like with a cargo platform. As the basis for his virtual creation, he took a five-door version of the 110 SUV and removed the back of his roof to create a truck with a tiny cargo platform.

Rendering to a large extent leaves the appearance of the iconic SUV unchanged, with the exception of the rear. Spdesignsest makes the rear window quite large. The artist decided to “install” a swing door at the back for access to the cargo area.

The functionality of such a car here is quite limited. The length of the loading platform is only a couple of meters, which limits the number of people who can get there. There can hardly even put a sheet of drywall or plywood.

Land Rover says Defender pickup is technically possible on the current D7x platform. However, the company does not believe that such a version of the model makes sense for the brand, because the automaker does not have enough understanding of the market for commercial pickups.

It is reported that Land Rover intends to offer even larger versions of the SUV. The increased wheelbase allows you to place an additional row of seats to increase passenger capacity.