2019 was a record year for revenue for the concern PSA

2019 was a record year for revenue for the concern PSA

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This result has become especially valuable against the background of a decline in sales in the global automotive market.

The French concern PSA, which produces Peugeot, Citroen and Opel cars, reported its revenue for 2019. Last year was a record year for the company – revenue reached 3.2 billion euros and grew by 13.2% compared with the figure for 2018. The total sales turnover was also record-breaking – over the year, official dealers representing PSA were able to sell cars worth 74.7 billion euros.

Note that sales of the concern in the world’s largest Chinese car market declined last year. In the Celestial market, revenue declined by 700 million euros. Today, the alliance’s cars are very technologically advanced – all models comply with modern standards for CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, each model has an electrified version – either a hybrid or a fully electric motor.

 According to the official representative of the PSA, the complete electrification of the line of cars will happen by 2025. In January 2020, official Peugeot dealers were able to sell 92 new cars, which is 17% less than a year earlier. But Citroen cars, although they added 75% in sales, but sold only 91 copies.