2019 Mercedes C-Class Review

2019 Mercedes C-Class Review

July 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes C-Class thoroughly updated – he’s in the ranks for the third year. And if outside changes are not too noticeable, then inside them a whole car. Mercedes even remembered the old tradition: to indicate the number of changes during restyling.

For example, in 2006, the E-Class W211 received two thousand innovations. Of course, this is not a test. It is not clear even how they were considered. But the car then refreshed noticeably, from thirty meters you will not be confused with the “pre-reform”. And how many changes in the C-Class then, if only the designers from Sindelfingen and the watchman of the railway station recognize the updated model, where the assembled machines are loaded onto the platforms?

The correct answer is 6500 new components. This is more than half. At the same time, the overall architecture of electronic systems has changed by 80% – it is almost all new. For example, the security systems were taken from the updated S-Class.

And whether it was necessary so bother? And how! The world sells 400 thousand of C-Class per year – this is every fifth Mercedes. And about C-Class customers it’s important to know two things: in Europe and the USA, more than a third of new customers moved to the C-Class from competitors’ cars. At the same time, two-thirds of the owners of the C-Class who renewed their Mercedes last year, again chose the C-Class.

On such cars pray in any company – it’s a cow carrying gold diamonds. So successful model of the Japanese would be updated once in ten years and only at the request of buyers. But the Germans have a different approach: if you pretend to be a leader’s jersey, you have to run all the way to at least stay put.

BMW will soon replace the generation of the 3rd and 4th series, Audi has a more recent A4 and A5, Volvo is about to release the S60. Even all this together does not mean that tomorrow the C-Class will be removed from the top three of the most popular models of the segment. This restyling – planned and, what is characteristic, it was done not at the request of buyers.

The main thing that was required was to “synchronize” the C-Class with the “home” and the updated S-Class. The interior was not dragged by the newest MBUX interface from the A-Class without the rotary washer Comand, because to do this would have to redo the entire front panel. Nevertheless, in the place of the instrument panel in expensive versions there was one large display of high resolution (12.3 inches, 1920×720) – it was hidden directly into the wells left from the analogue scales. The screen on the center console grew to 10.25 inches, the base version – seven-inch.

All this digital economy is controlled by the touchpad keys on the new steering wheel. By the way, it now also has adaptive cruise control buttons, which means that on the left side of the steering column there is one less lever. Remained a single Mercedes “switch of everything” and the lever of electric steering adjustment (it, of course, in the list of options).

Climate control is now being listened to by satellite navigation. For example, it automatically includes recirculation of air in the cabin when the C-Class enters the tunnel. The brightness of the projection on the windshield is tied to the light sensor. It is not even necessary to be surprised by such things – they distinguish Mercedes from many other brands, which then will simply order the same equipment from Mercedes suppliers.

Following the S-Class, the C-Class got the function Energizing – climate control combines efforts with background lighting, salon flavor and even a music system to create a certain mood at the driver’s request – in particular, to relax or cheer. The influence of these processes on the body is not to be exaggerated, but to be pampered is curious.

To several options of wooden interior decoration, new ones were added – all “open pore”, with matte varnish. Ironically, the finish of black matte wood was the most popular – more than a third of all orders.

To introduce options for finishing or to remove unclaimed, Mercedes do not wait for restyling – audits are carried out every year, as well as small technical improvements. Option or option trim is removed from the scale, if not it accounts for less than 1% of demand. Exotic versions in some non-standard bundles produce if the importer of any market will collect at least six orders.

C-Class can be found almost anywhere in the world, where in principle there are roads. And the tastes of people vary greatly from country to country. For example, when did you last see the C-Class with a star on the bonnet, and not in the center of the radiator grille? We can order it if you want (and in Germany, China or Korea), but in the US or France such an arrangement is not even offered. The greatest demand for a classic grille and a three-beam sights-statuette in Thailand and Malaysia.

The C 200 version has a new 1.5-liter engine. Engineers “Daimler” did not go to extremes after the colleagues from BMW – there are still four cylinders, but not three. Power quite adult: 184 hp And this without taking into account 10 kilowatts (14 horsepower), which adds an electric motor generator – it also takes on the function of a starter and operates from a 48-volt on-board network.

Acceleration is pleasant and easy, on the C 200 autobahn confidently develops 200 km / h and without effort keeps them. On the reserve dynamics for any maneuvers do not even think – on the contrary, sometimes remind yourself that under the hood of only 1.5 liters of working volume. “The hundred” C 200 dials for a commendable 8 seconds and almost does not recall its existence – the engine is well insulated from the cabin, and at speeds above 160 km / h all the noise from the road drowns, although the whistle of wind in the front racks only barely begins to manifest.

Otherwise, nothing new – it’s still a classic Mercedes, which in a comfortable mode, spreads over the road, and at the same time perfectly prescribes turns. Even the slight numbness of the helm (rather acute, by the way!) In the near-zero zone does not interfere. The one who has been driving a Mercedes for a long time, most likely, will not understand what the speech is about: you turned – the car turned. And let on the test there were rich complete sets with an air suspension, the amendment on updatings with steel springs will be insignificant: less adjustments, instead of comfort. Moreover, the spring suspension is now combined with adaptive shock absorbers.

In the present AMG models, the C 450 AMG modification was made in advance in order to remove confusion with the indices. Under the hood of the C 450 there was no sign with the painting of the engineer who assembled the motor. These are not the aggregates that the demiurges are forging in Affalterbach on the principle of “one master – one engine”, heating the workpiece over the lava and tapping on it with the runes written with a magic ax machined from a solid lithospheric plate.

However, even this “AMG-light”, which took a step below the 8-cylinder monster C 63, was recognized as their own and adopted into the family, assigning an index of 43. After the upgrade, the three-liter V6 with double turbo added in capacity (390 hp instead of 367) and received a reinforced AMG-version of the machine 9G-tronic. The scheme of the all-wheel drive was modernized – now the rear axle accounts for 69% of the torque. However, on the C43 and earlier was not the usual 4Matic with the ratio of traction between the axes of 45:55, and AMG 33:67.

From older brother C 63 the C 43 received a radiator grille with one transverse bar, after all 8-cylinder AMGs now sport vertical teeth – panamericana grill, you know!

According to the passport sedan C 43 is gaining 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. And he does it very emotionally, compensating for the lack of a pair of cylinders and hundreds of horses.

Here, even toys are adults. On the instrument panel you can output not only the accelerometer, but even the air temperature in each tire. The central screen can work in the mode of the Lap-Timer, and the memory stores the configurations of many racing tracks.

Hooligan shoots in the C 63 style C 43 allow itself only in the Sport + mode, but in other modes the V6 also sounds great and gambits explosively when switching upwards under full gas. There is also a separate button opening special shutters: the exhaust starts to sound louder and pleasantly grumble at the bottom, even if some kind of anti-sport mode is chosen.

Most of the complaints were to the suspension – the C 43 was perceived as being excessively rigid, but not that it was exemplarily assembled. For lack of any convincing piercings, ruts or at the worst end of thermal seams on the route, the chassis of the C 43 had to question the engineers. Their answers were discouraged: customers practically did not complain about suspension C 43. And in isolated cases, which still were, it turned out that the cars were passed to customers with a tire pressure of 2.6 atmosphere. Why – a mystery. But as soon as it was scavenged to 2.3 atmosphere, claims also disappeared.

As the description of particular cases is accepted, but in general, sorry, does not convince. We’ll have to wait for a face-to-face meeting with the C 43 on our roads. And we, perhaps, will invite rivals to it. To verify the sensations. Well, or for pleasure. After all, arguments about the smoothness of the course or the fight with a stopwatch is a personal matter for everyone, but AMG guarantees the pleasure.

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