2019 global motorcycle sales down 2.6 percent

2019 global motorcycle sales down 2.6 percent

March 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In 2019, manufacturers showed different results in terms of sales. While BMW, KTM and Moto Guzzi added significantly to the European market, motorcycle sales in India began to decline, which negatively impacted global statistics. For the whole of 2019, 60.1 million motorcycles were sold, i.e. 1.6 million motorcycles less than in 2018. The forecast for 2020 is not very good.

In 2016, China imposed restrictions on the registration of motorcycles and scooters, which led to a decrease in sales by 5.1 million units. Since then, the global motor market has grown convincingly thanks to the rapid development of motor markets in India, Pakistan and the Philippines. In 2018, motorcycle sales peaked at 61.7 million units.

Last year was difficult for the Indian motor market, which experienced a decline of 3.1 million units. In China, sales of two-wheeled vehicles grew by 1.3 million units, and in Europe – 1.1 million units. This helped offset some of the decline in India, which totaled 19 percent. The largest Indian manufacturers experienced a difficult year (Hero – sales decline by 14%, Bajaj – 12%, Royal Enfield – 16%). Despite a large recession, India remains the largest motor market in the world. 18.5 million motorcycles were sold in this country. China ranks second (16.3 million units). In third place, Indonesia – 6.5 million units. Further, Vietnam – 3.2 million, the Philippines – 1.8 million.
Statistics by type of transport:

    scooters from 50> cm3: 25.8 million units
    motorcycles: 24.8 million units
    trikes: 4.7 million units
    mopeds: 4.6 million units
    ATVs: 600,000 units

In 2019, the global motor market fell by 2.6 percent. This year, given all the events, including coronavirus, an even greater decline can be expected.