2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Review

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Review

November 21, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Jeep next year will launch the extreme version of the Grand Cherokee crossover, which was named Trackhawk. The car is equipped with the most powerful compressor 8-cylinder engine from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and our colleagues were able to test this interesting car.

Journalists from the British edition of Autocar did not notice the significant visual differences between the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the less powerful versions of the crossover. Only the nameplate and the huge Brembo brake discs that you will not see on other brand models will throw in your eyes.

On the crossover, journalists drove along the Spring Mountain route, which is located in Nevada. They had a little time at their disposal, but even with such a quick acquaintance it’s clear that the car turned out to be very assembled and responsive, and, until you put your foot on the floor pedal, it creates a feeling that it is not at all as brutal as it seems externally. When entering the turn, there is a slight lack of “turning”, but it is not as pronounced as it may sound, keeping in mind a heavy V8 with a compressor under the hood and four-wheel drive transmission.

Well, where is the brand-name launch control, thanks to which the SUV “shoots” up to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds.

The Caranddriver reviewers spent a small amount of time on the Club Motorsport in New Hampshire with a crossover. In their opinion, even a small ride has shown that the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk carries itself on the road surface exquisitely, delicately and neatly. The car surprised the observers so much that after the end of the short test drive, they very much wanted to “talk” with him later.

The handling has not occurred – the crossover is very stable and delicate, the steering wheel is not very sensitive, but it has excellent weight, however, it is necessary to be careful when braking, as the suspension and tires have to cope with a lot of weight. Observers also noted that compared to the Challenger Hellcat, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk engine is slightly strangled in sound plan, and most of all the buzz in gas-to-floor mode comes from exhaust pipes.

The interior of the car is very comfortable, but with the German rivals Jeep can not stretch, despite the abundance of leather. However, the choice towards this car will be dictated by more dynamic characteristics than other factors.

On the classical roads, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk does not feel “tooth decay”, but it’s better not to ride the bumpers – it will shake a lot.

In general, observers say that for their money (about 87,000 US dollars), Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is fast and excellent, but the BMW X5 M and Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 are at least not slower and much more prestigious.

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