20 hydrogen car models by 2020

20 hydrogen car models by 2020

August 24, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Experts have calculated that 12 auto giants in two years will be able to provide 20 models of cars on hydrogen fuel. And by 2030, such cars will be produced about 500 thousand a year. This is reported by the Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the company Frost & Sullivan in its report, compiled on the basis of the results of the alternative fuel market research.

The hydrogen fuel cell can generate electrical energy for the electric motor of the vehicle, and thus replace the conventional engine. It is a “green” source of energy and, moreover, has an almost inexhaustible resource. Its only drawback is the separation of water vapor and heat. Unlike existing internal combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cell systems do not have moving parts, the loss of efficiency at their operation is minimal.

Analysts predict that Asians in the near future will take the leading position in the hydrogen car market. Specifically, we are talking about Toyota and Hyundai, their share of total sales in 12 years will be about 30% and 25% respectively.

The main actors in investing funds in the development of hydrogen fuel will be Japan, South Korea, the United States and European countries. Experts also noted that the Russian market is not yet ready for such changes.

The hydrogen source of energy considerably wins in the conditions of severe Russian winters, unlike electric motors, which in the cold climate reduce the maximum power reserve by an order of magnitude. And the cost of hydrogen transport can be lower than current models, which will also affect consumer preferences and direct development of the market.

But apart from the fuel itself, we also need to take care of the infrastructure for refueling them. At present, the number of hydrogen stations around the world is small – about 250, and 75% of them are in the States and Europe. Frost & Sullivan predicts by 2030 the increase of this number to 7.5 thousand. Thus, this will give impetus to investments in this industry.