2-year-old Tesla electric car suddenly got paint

2-year-old Tesla electric car suddenly got paint

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American owner Tesla complained about his Model 3 sedan. Despite the fact that the car is relatively new, the owner had questions about its quality.

According to InsideEVs, a resident of California Benjamin Haley found that his Model 3 had paint peeling off at the bottom of the car – thresholds and doors and wings were damaged. At the same time, the electric car was purchased only in 2018.

Moreover, according to Haley, the paint began to peel off last winter, because this season he did not use the car – all this time she was standing in the garage. In addition, the owner said that he always moves exclusively on ordinary roads, he never drove to areas that could damage the paintwork (with gravel or crumbs from volcanic rock). At the same time, Tesla “lives” in a warm climate – that is, there is no talk of damage to the reagents that process icy roads. At the same time, its damaged elements clearly look “sandblasted”. Haley did not have a similar problem with previous cars.

According to the owner, he turned to the dealer for a solution to the problem, but he refused, referring to this as an unwarranted case.

InsideEVs reports that the Tesla Model 3 does have quality problems. There are cases when a thin layer of varnish becomes scratched after the first wash, and uneven body color and matte (unpolished) areas are not news at all. There are also problems with the optics – the headlights and taillights of some specimens are seriously fogged up.